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How to proofread your essays to make them shine

You may not always have the resources to have your essay proofread for you. If you do, here is the best place to buy essays online. Besides, it’s a good habit to learn how to proofread and edit your own work for future assignments and exams. Try these pointers the next time you finish your essay and note how many mistakes you are able to detect and correct.

Acquire and ear for your writing

Hearing your own work read out loud will give you a better idea of whether or not it’s written well. Sometimes we speak differently to what we write, but when reading your essay back to yourself, make sure it sounds professional. Commas should appear where you take half breaks and periods wherever your sentence has ended. Get an ear for how your essay should sound and your grammar and punctuation are sure to improve.

When in doubt, Google

Google is not only a valuable resource for research, but it’s very helpful in helping you with spelling. Spellcheckers are often out of date with contemporary terms and new words. (For instance, the word infographic is a recent term not recognized by most spellcheckers, even though it’s such a trending concept at the moment.) If something in your field of study is a word, you’ll find it with Google. Check yourself if you’re doubting.


Make sure your sentences aren’t too long or too short. Read the sentence out loud if you’re not sure. If it doesn’t sound right, change it.

Look out for

Know the terms used in your field of study. Being well read on your subject will allow you to use terminologies correctly.

Reference a list of punctuation rules

Download a list of basic punctuation rules so that you can check yourself when you’re not sure about something. After checking the same rule a few times, you will start remembering it naturally. More writing will create better habits and so your proofreading skills will also improve. Keep a dictionary nearby while you write.

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