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Academic Writing Secrets: Fresh Analysis Essay Topics

Analysis essay topics will come from content you need to analyze such as a book, film or an opinion. When you select your topic be considerate of your opinion about the matter and how well you feel you will be able to provide evidence to support your argument. You can get ideas on what to analyze by reviewing sample essays on similar content. You can also get inspiration to develop your own ideas from the following:

  1. Differences in how men and women communicate. You can analysis how a man communicate in certain situations and compare it to how a woman would react to the same scenario.

  2. Use of drug substances in sports activities. You can build an argument on why athletes use performance enhancement drugs and detail whether you think they are necessary.

  3. Changes seen in roles men and women play in society. There are roles women commonly play that men in recent years have had to take on. Why?

  4. More children being raised by single parents. You can explore reasons why the trend is increasing and whether people agree if two parent households are better.

  5. Background information regarding a literary author. What information do you find interesting about their life that contributes to the work they are known for creating? What aspects of their work are they known for that makes them a distinguished author?

  6. What makes a person feel as if they are addicted to something such as chocolate or gambling? How is an addiction the same when people can get addicted to different things?

  7. Is there such a thing as a good liar? Why do adults lie about something when they know it is wrong in the first place? What happens when children are not taught the importance of being truthful? Should we even bother since adults are still dishonest?

  8. Why do young people have problems respecting authority? Why is it difficult to help a young person understand they need to be respectful of others?

  9. How is it determined people can live longer by doing certain things such as having a pet or exercise?

  10. Why should children be required to learn about history in school? Some may argue what is learned in school doesn’t really have an effect on how people chose to live their lives.

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