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A Detailed Guide To Creating A Jungle Descriptive Essay

Jungle descriptive essays can be very interesting. They describe life in various forms and allow us to experience life in places where we have never been. There are many ways to make your jungle essay exciting and noteworthy.

In writing a descriptive essay, all your senses come into play.

Your eyes

Use your eyes and describe what you see. The colours of the trees, the different green hues in the leaves, the ferns, and the barks of the trees. Describe the dew on the leaves, the twigs on the ground, the thick undergrowth, the sun’s rays peeping through the trees, and the amazing backdrop of the mountains in the distance.

Your ears

The jungle is an amazing orchestra. There are numerous sounds to describe. The hornbill calling out, the swishing trees, the wind blowing through the trees, the squirrel dashing off, the rats disappearing in the undergrowth, all the birds singing in the trees, the monkeys chattering incessantly and the silence that signals danger approaching. If you are expected to visit a jungle and write from experience, take some time to be silent and listen to life in the jungle as it happens. If this is not possible, use your imagination or watch a television program on this.

Your nose

Your nose will aid you in describing the things that you smell. It could be the sweet smell of the deadly Daphne, or the smell of the jungle after a heavy rain, it could be the smell of wild lemon leaves crushed between your fingers or the murky smell of wild pigs grazing nearby. Your nose would definitely aid you in your jungle description. You can read descriptions of jungle animals or visit the zoo to find out how they smell and add this to your essay.

You taste buds

You may want to describe the berries that you ate while in the jungle. How did they taste? Here you can describe something as tangy, sweet, sour, bland, juicy, bitter and tasteless.

Your sense of touch

There is a whole world that you can describe using your sense of touch. The rough bark of the trees, the sharp thorns of the bush, the smooth leaves, rough coat of the hogs, and the plush green moss.

Thus, your jungle descriptive essay need not be a hard project to do. Apply all your senses creatively and you will come up with a strong and appealing essay.

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