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Overcoming Poverty

Overcoming Poverty has been a major challenge in most of the countries. The problem is majorly experienced in underdeveloped countries and the developing countries. The problem of poverty in some nations is so extreme such that other nations have to come in and offer help. Several other aspects characterize poverty in any society. These elements may include illiteracy and ignorance, Unhealthy environments and diseases and illnesses. It is upon the governments of such nations to take measures towards overcoming poverty. The people in all societies also have a role in trying to eradicate the problem from their societies.

Reasons why Overcoming Poverty is Important

Overcoming poverty in places it exists should be the priority in that particular area. All the stakeholders in the given societies should all cooperate and work in togetherness towards eliminating or eradicating the problem of poverty. Overcoming poverty is important as it means that the community will become healthier. People will afford food and other necessities to survive. The fact that the people will also afford health care is also essential. The efforts of poverty eradication should thus be prioritized, and steps taken seriously to help the people. Persons in these communities can work to earn to fight the poverty and reduce the levels. Overcoming poverty in societies experiencing it also means that children will go to schools and will not have to skip meals. When education becomes part of any community, the future of the society is believed to be in good hands and destined for success and greatness. Empowerment cannot be achieved when poverty is present in any society.

Tools that can be used in overcoming Poverty

Education is one of these tools that need to be applied or used in poverty eradication. The government of any nation should ensure that all children can enroll in schools and learn as they have the right to. The subsidizing of education can be a good idea in the societies. However in societies where poverty is such that parents cannot afford the fee required in schools, the government should always consider allowing free education facilitation for all. Clean and healthy living environments should be created and maintained in the attempts to fight disease and illness occurrence. This will imply that that people do not spend too much of their income on medication and treatment. Health care should be accessible to all at that cost that all can afford.

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