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William Shakespeare was one of the most influential men to change and develop words in the English language. A playwright at a time only men performed in plays, to include the female parts, Shakespeare was not only a scholar but the most noble of playwrights in his time. Hamlet served as one of his most famous tragedies although his longest, it was also one of his most powerful. Tragedies were written as a way to show every person that demise and sorrow occur in everyone’s life and are part of the natural human condition.

The play starts out with Prince Hamlet’s trusted friend Horatio and the guards seeing a ghost of the Prince’s recently deceased father King Hamlet. The prince however is too preoccupied in being angry at his Uncle Claudius who married his widowed mother Gertrude just a few months after the father’s death. This leads Hamlet to believe this was all a ploy to murder King Hamlet and considers committing suicide himself. Hamlet decides to go on a ghost hunt of his father where he finds out he is to avenge his father’s death. In order to do so Hamlet acts crazy to spy on his uncle and mother, but his uncle makes his schoolmates spy on him. Upon finding out a theatre troupe is in town, he re-writes a play that acts out the death of his father as the hand of his uncle who walks out in the middle of the play from anger. Soon no one knows if Hamlet is acting crazy or is crazy and his uncle banishes him to England where he plans to have the King there kill him. On the way however others are going to avenge his father’s death by taking back land in Poland. Hamlet ends up in a sword match with his old girlfriend’s brother as Hamlet accidentally killed her father. The wine his mother drinks was laced with poison meant for him and the sword had poison on it and killed his uncle, therefore having everyone die.

This play could be considered a modern day daddy issues as the entire play is meant as a way to avenge his father or deal with wrong doing on his father’s behalf. Unfortunately, Hamlet does not live long enough to become king, but this play shows that even with family members one must keep their friends and enemies equally as close.

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