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Vital Steps to Writing a Strong Problem Solution Essay

Writing a problem solution essay is the best way to show your analytical and critical thinking skills, knowledge of the subject, writing skills. These essays address the problems that are worth discussing and may be solved practically. The topic of the essay can be assigned by the teacher. If not, your first step will be choosing the problem for analysis and solution.

Think Locally

Our life is full of problems – more or less serious. Many of them have existed for decades, and their solutions don’t seem to be found in the nearest future (environment, terrorism and the like). To choose a topic, examine your immediate environment: what troubles you and your friends, family members, neighbors, community. Think over the questions which arise, and possible answers to these questions. You will surely find the problem interesting for investigation and important for people.

Do Research Work

No matter how much you already know about the problem, your life experience will not be enough to give an adequate solution to it. Read as much as you can about your topic. If you have chosen a school or local community issue, collect your own data either by surveying the people concerned with the problem or by interviewing people associated with it and, what is even more important, with its solving. Explore statistical information: it will make the essay persuasive. Use real facts and figures and be accurate in details.

It’s Time to Write

After all the preparatory work has been done, you may start writing. Mind that a strong problem solution essay

  • clearly formulates the problem and proves its significance, explores different aspects of the problem, its causes and effects;
  • suggests one or more solutions and shows the ways of their implementation into life. You need to explain what readers can do to cope with the problem;
  • offers supporting details: examples, facts, statistics, – which logically persuade the audience.

Think about the structure of the essay. It should include introduction, in which you clearly define the problem, its causes and effects. You may write about the history of the problem and solutions that have already been suggested and tried. In the body you need to present your opinion and explanation as to possible solutions. Explain the reasons to show that these solutions will work. Show logical connections between parts of the problem and your solutions. In the conclusion state the advantages and drawbacks of the solutions. Use higher-level vocabulary and complex sentences to demonstrate your writing skills.

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