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Creative Ideas For Your Essay About Finding Happiness

There are a few things about finding happiness that strike us well. To begin with, it is one felling that everybody wants at all time, but not many manage to have it always. The wise believe happiness is not so much a feeling as it is a state of the mind. Those with a materialistic bent of mind are akin to believing that procurement of enough material could make them happy. But when composing an essay on finding happiness, you will want to achieve a certain balance in your paper.

  • Subjective and objective happiness
  • One of the first things that you will have to realize before you set to write such a paper is that happiness as a feeling is both subjective and objective. There are certain things and actions that make a mass happy and there are certain elements that make only some people happy. A good example is the consumption of meat and animal products. While the food gives taste and nourishment to the eater, a large section of the society including animal right activists are disappointed.

  • Happiness – the feeling and the state
  • For a long time, the notion about creating happiness has looked upon it as a felling. This feeling can be generated by the sight of people, by the procurement of material and by hearing and seeing things we want to hear and see. Of late however, some spiritual masters direct us to look upon it not as a feeling but as a state.

    When you look upon happiness as a state of mind, you get an entirely different angle for your paper. This is where most of the different lies when we compare most of what have been written already. This takes the quality of your paper up by some notches straight away. It is highly advisable that you reflect upon happiness both as a feeling and a state.

  • Complimentary values
  • We often hear that there is no state called darkness. It is just the absence of sufficient light. Similarly, we can say that there is no such state like grief or sadness. These are just the void creating when happiness is removed. In your essay about creating happiness, you may definitely portray one way as removing the void states, which in this case are annoyance, grief and sadness.

    It is also important to reflect upon the subject with a bird’s eye-view. A narrow perspective can do a lot of harm to the paper.

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