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List Of Fresh Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For 5th Grade Students

When you are in 5th grade, you might have to write a compare/contrast essay. This type of writing is usually something assigned after reading two different authors or studying two different concepts in class, as a way to demonstrate your ability to either compare or contrast the two.

**Note** When teachers assign this type of project they typically assign one or the other, either compare OR contrast, and not both. When you write a shorter essay this is especially true because you do not have the page length necessary to produce anything of a larger length.

When you compare and contrast, your goal is to select different aspects as the foundation of your work.

For example:

  • You might compare two different characters from the same book.
  • You might instead compare a teacher in a public school to a teacher in a private school. This would help you to compare the different requirements such as classroom size, what they have to teach, or what they receive as a pay check.
  • You could contrast growing up in a city with growing up in the country
  • You can compare two different ways to study for an exam
  • You can contrast two vacation destinations and examine what each one has to offer
  • You can compare two different people in your local city
  • You can contrast two ways to recycle
  • You can review two or more politicians in your local area
  • You can examine two or more methods of travel to and from school
  • You might consider comparing two types of pets
  • You could also examine two types of music

When you set out to write this type of paper, you want to make sure your teacher approves your topic idea. If you look over the topic list above you will see that you have the freedom to really select two things and compare or contrast them. This can range from two different flowers in your yard all the way up to two different things your mom or dad makes for dinner. The purpose is to compare or contrast different things about them like the colors, the smells, the tastes, the ideas, the purpose, the nutritional value, the effectiveness, the entertainment value, the educational value, etc…

If, for example, you write about two meals your mom makes, you can write about how they smell, taste, how long it takes to make them, where they come from, or how nutritional they are.

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