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Original Essay Topic Ideas On History Of Sweden

History is a lot more than retelling of old facts. It is a narrative of which old figures are a part. The problem with any retelling of history is that people tend to gather facts based on the narrative that they have in their heads rather than create history around objective facts.

It’s not an isolated case of biased history. Human beings are wired to fit facts to suit the patterns that they are seeing in their head. We are always forming hypothesis in our head and seeking data that fits that hypothesis rather than seeking facts which disprove the hypothesis. The proper logical and scientific method of analysis is to seek facts which do not fit into your hypothesis and then revise the hypothesis and so on and so forth till you arrive at a law. Even that law is a hypothesis that will be disproved someday. That is why they say, science is a continuous work in progress and involves the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.

People rarely keep these principles in mind while evaluating history and choose facts to suit the narrative in their head. It is also called storytelling problems. Human mind likes stories. They like stories which are simple, consistent and coherent even if they are not true. Salespeople know that, and a good sales pitch is a story that is simple, consistent and coherent even if it is not true. Candidates applying to jobs also know this, they take the facts on their resume and build a story around it that suits the current prospective employers. Savvy job hunters are able to create different stories for different prospective employers. It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be simple, coherent and consistent.

While you decide original essay topics for history of Sweden keep in mind that facts matter more than the story in your head.

Here are some of the few topics you can keep in mind:

  1. Prehistoric Sweden before AD 800
  2. Viking period in Sweden and Middle ages
  3. Modern Sweden
  4. Early Modern Sweden
  5. Sweden as a great power
  6. Great Northern war
  7. Enlightenment in Sweden
  8. Swedish literature
  9. Demographics of Sweden
  10. Tourism in Sweden

Remember that whatever topic you select, you should be interested enough if to spend time in it. If you are interested in the topic, it will show in the work, and ultimately will hook the reader.

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