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The Proper Way Of Writing A Good Essay Introduction

Starting and ending an essay can be far more difficult than taking care of the paragraphs in between. The reasoning is simple. In order to create your argument or point of view, it needs to clearly and concisely stated, which is not an easy task most of the time. It is said that half the fun is getting there, which is true, but knowing how to get there can be tricky. Here are some tips to get you out of the starting blocks on the right foot.

The introduction is the start of your essay and will give the reader a clear and focused notion of where this essay will inevitably end. Nobody wants some vague references by a shoegazer just trying to fill space; your introduction needs to be immediately engaging-literally.

What’s The Point?

  • The reader needs to see and understand why your essay is important, and the sooner, the better
  • The details of your essay, regarding how you plan on proving your points, need to be discussed during your introduction

An effective introduction will, essentially, be an all-in-one look at what your essay will include from top to bottom. And to answer your question, no, i do not know why you have to write an entire essay if everything can be summed up in an introduction. People like pain, I guess. However, keep in mind an introduction is where you typically state your thesis for most essay types, so intros certainly are an integral part of the essay on more than one level.

Explaining Your Thesis

  • Pardon the subheading there. A thesis should not have to be explained, per se
  • An effective thesis will be woven into the introduction
  • Skillfully layering a few points into one final culminating sentence to sum up what it is that is important and how you plan on proving it makes for a subtle way to present your thesis

After the introductory paragraph, the reader will have a clear and defined view of why you are writing this essay and what you are going to prove. However, it never hurts to appeal to the reader by knowing your audience and making points critical to garnering the interest of the reader.

Relate To Your Reader

  • Ask an interesting question, one the reader will want to know the answer to
  • Set a scene that will pique your reader’s interest and motivate him/her to keep reading

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