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How to write an effective persuasive essay: the complete tutorial

The persuasive essays are written to convince the reader regarding a particular belief or an idea. Your own opinion matters a lot in this respect and reflects your skills of writing. Research and organization of content plays a vital role too and adds asset to the topic

How to write an effective piece of persuasive essay?

Follow these golden set of rules-

  • Take sufficient time: First of all craft your arguments taking sufficient time. Once the ideas are clear in your mind, you will find writing persuasive essay an interesting one. Take time to brainstorm and pen down your efforts on a piece of paper.
  • Brainstorm: Start with a solid point. It will act as a foundation. Take stand on the topic you are writing in favor of. Look at the intricacy of the subject and consider the viewpoints of your opposition too. If you think hard to defend yourself, this is an indication that you are not able to convince your reader properly. Hence choose a topic that is easy to disprove.
  • Introduction: Hook your audience and stick to your thesis statement. An interesting start will make you do your best work in terms of singe powerful statement or in the form of a few combinations.
  • Body paragraphs: Write minimally three paragraphs in this section. It is necessary to justify your position. Every part of the body paragraph should link to the previous part of the argument. Use number of facts to state your statement.
  • Transition to the subsequent paragraph is the key of writing: It will establish the flow of writing. Make sure that the end of the last paragraph should make the beginning of the subsequent paragraph.
  • Rebuttals make the persuasive essay more effective: This aspect makes your points stronger. Pick the stronger part and come up with the contradictory arguments. Offer examples stating your point.
  • Derive the conclusion: This is a general rule that restates significant points at the end. Conclusion is as important as introductory part of the article. Both these parts leave a deep impact on the reader and the readers do not forget both of them easily. They leave a long lasting impression justifying your point.
  • Proofreading: Use the online tools for spell check and grammar portion. Ensure that you check your content minimally twice and confirm that the written content makes sense to the audience. More checking will ensure little mistakes.
    • Leave your paper for a day or two and then check it again. This will make you view your essay from a fresh perspective.

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