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The Purpose Of A Rhetorical Analysis Essay: A Simple Manual

A rhetorical analysis is the type of paper where you have to analyze the rhetoric strategies the author/speaker uses to achieve a certain purpose for his target audience. The purpose of the author/speaker may be to entertain, inform or persuade an audience but you have to identify that purpose, the audience and then analyze the strategies used to achieve it. You may or may not agree with the way the author uses these strategies so you will suggest how it can be made better. You have to be very objective when writing such a paper and be very clear for your audience. If you state something is not right or effective, then you should show how it could be done in a better way. The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is not only to criticize but also give your verdict upon why and how it could have been better

The best method to write a rhetorical analysis is to keep a certain things in your mind.

  1. Plan your task
  2. The first thing you should do with your paper is to go ahead and plan your task. Planning is important because it helps people in staying on track and focused for their papers. You would be able to write on daily basis and meet a certain milestone if you set it for yourself. Divide your time in such a way that you can utilize your most productive hours for writing

  3. Understand the purpose
  4. Know the purpose of your assignment because it helps you decide the direction, tone and style of work. You have to know that what you are supposed to achieve through this paper.

  5. Choose a work to analyze
  6. Pick a work that you want to analyze for the rhetoric strategies used. You should decide something that you are already familiar with or have an interest

  7. Identify the purpose of the work
  8. This is different from the purpose of your assignment; this is the actual purpose the author/speaker was trying to achieve with the work you are analyzing

  9. Identify the target audience
  10. See who is the target audience for this work and try to understand their expectations if you want to be accurate

  11. Look at the rhetorical strategies used
  12. Check all the strategies the author has used for rhetoric purposes

  13. Write in an order

  14. Edit and proofread

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