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The Top Ten Best College Essay Topics You Can Investigate

The essay is one of the most important pieces of the college application process. Some schools even require more than one written document. You have to nail this important component of the process. You can help your odds by using one of our top ten essay topics. Feel free to investigate them.

Top Ten Best College Essay Topics

  1. How are you special-every one is special for some reason. College advisors like this topic because your perceptions about yourself speak volumes. Try to focus on o non-material things, and dig deep within yourself.
  2. Your greatest lesson-lessons often come when we least expect it. Have you learned a great lesson that has possibly changed you and how you conduct yourself? This is a favorite among the top ten essay topics.
  3. A special, but hidden talent-the world sees you each day, but what hidden secret talent do you have? Are you good with children, a budding painter, or an aspiring writer? What talent do you keep hidden for the time being? When do you plan telling the world about your skill?
  4. What can you add to this ever changing world-the advisors like to know how you think you will impact the world? Be realistic with this answer, but try to move beyond owning a big company or curing a disease. Try to dig really deep with this best topic and investigate what you have to give to your world.
  5. What family tradition do you hold dear-while you may be proud to be a part of the modern world and know all the latest trends; there is something to be said for traditions. The college review system would be interested to know which traditions you hold dear, and which ones you will continue to observe as you move out on your own.
  6. What mistake have you learned from and what did you learn-this is a standard topic, and you will see it often. It is a good guide of who a person is.
  7. What has been your greatest obstacle so far in your life-obstacles are relative. The college committee would like to know what you consider to be an obstacle and how you handled this obstacle. Investigate this topic, as it will have a great result.
  8. What would your teachers say about you if they were asked
  9. What kind of friend are you-number nine on our top ten-essay topic list is one that will reveal much about the writer. It requires you to be 100% honest with yourself as you investigate and then write the college essay.
  10. Where will you be in twenty years-where do you see yourself in twenty years? Again, try to stay away from just discussing the material gains you will have made. Dig deeper into yourself.

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