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5 Things You Might Not Know About The Expository Essay Format

What is an expository essay? It’s an academic paper that allows students to investigate a certain subject and provide their own point of view in an utterly clear way. This can be done through cause and effect analysis, comparison, etc. Quite often, such papers are given as a part of an examination.

In most cases, such papers are formatted as regular five-paragraph essays of all other types. That is, the paper begins with an introductory paragraph, which smoothly flows into three body parts, and ends with conclusions. Though it may seem to sound quite simple, in fact, it can be a difficult task for those students who have no clear understanding of the main idea of the paper. Let’s see what is demanded by the general format and the logical construction of such a project.

  • Think of the intro as a part of your paper that is responsible for attracting people. That is, equip it with so-called hooks that can attract and hold people’s attention. With the help of these hooks, you will make them keep on reading.

  • Besides that, the intro is supposed to have a clear and concise thesis statement. This phrase is the one that conveys the main idea and goals of your project in a nutshell. Quite often, the whole paper is evaluated by the quality of the statement.

  • The three body paragraphs are meant for three arguments that confirm your point of view on the subject. Each of the paragraphs is supposed to consist of one argument and proofs that you can find in reference literature. There is usually no need to increase or decrease the number of body paragraphs and arguments. Three are normally enough for the reliability of the rendered information.

  • The conclusion that follow the arguments is the climax of your project. You should be very attentive when you reach this part of your paper. It should not be “empty”, consisting of statements that are taken out of the blue, should not provide groundless argumentation or copy the results that are not relevant to the chosen research methods. Make sure that your conclusion part sounds reliable and informative.

  • Depending on the style of writing that you choose for your project, you may need additional formatting guidance. You can find it in special manuals that render recommendations on proper style organization. It’s very important because in case the style is determined, its demands should be observed carefully.

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