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Tips For Writing An Autobiographical Essay For High School

An autobiographical essay will naturally contain extracts from your life. Now, it is a ‘given’ that you will have to make thorough introspection since you are a student and have not had many experiences you can stitch together into an autobiographical sketch.

  • You begin by suggesting how studies have made its mark on you and your development. You should mention how you have managed to inculcate passion into certain subjects that began by crushing your morale.
  • You also have to give a brief description of the condition at home; the family, the environment; the encouragement et al. This is to personalize and customize the write-up so readers can identify with it.
  • You continue with the people who have influenced you in some way or the other. There may have been someone who showed you the correct way to study; someone who placed you with the ideal lifestyle of a student; someone who instilled calmness and patience in you. There may also be a role model in your life.
  • You write about the drawbacks and obstacles you have faced in life. It may be emotional, economical or physical. Place instances when you felt very withdrawn and under-confident. Describe how you got out of the mental block and redefined yourself. Readers love solutions.
  • Give a complaisant definition of your strengths and weaknesses. If you are good in an extra-curricular activity; show how it influences fluency in other streams of your life. If you have been a shy guy or an introvert; suggest how you have suffered because of it and how you intend to get over it.
  • Give a glimpse of the tertiary areas of your life. Your love for soccer or music; your proficiency in video games; your capacity to memorize things; anything that relates to you, even if not academically. This is to provide a balance to your essay.
  • Make sure that the examples and instances are placed at intervals, to keep the curiosity going. Plan the body of the write-up intelligently so the word limit is respected and the feeling is personal and compact when people read it.
  • Conclude with an assertion that things can turn for the better if people follow a certain path that you have done in your life. Here, you may trace imagination and add a few positive layers that may not actually have touched you in the main.

Write as if you are in love with yourself; the evocations will erupt.

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