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Academic Writing Help: The Best Analytical Essay Topics List

Finding a good analytical essay topic may be challenging. Here are few examples of strong analytical topics for all areas in which these essays are typically assigned – social science, politic science, and economics.

  • 3D-printing.
  • Analyze the recent use of a 3D-printing technology in a particular industry (e. g. fast food or house construction). Speculate on how the spread of this technology can change the market in the future, what are the main implications for consumers and manufacturers.

  • GMO foods.
  • Investigate the reasons behind the controversy surrounding GMO foods (or their particular kind) in media. Conclude on whether they are dangerous to human health or not.

  • Oil prices.
  • Explore the causes for oil prices rapidly falling or rising from time to time, or the effects of these fluctuations on the economy of your country.

  • Democracy.
  • Investigate how the concept of democracy has changed over time. How can it evolve in future, at the digital age? What makes this system better than alternatives such as parliamentary or socialist government?

  • Election process.
  • Analyze the election process in your country. Is it fair? Are there any limitations that can prevent potentially worthy candidates from taking part in the race?

  • Gender communication differences.
  • Explore the differences in men’s and women’s ways of communication (there is a sufficient amount of scientific research in this field). Develop suggestions on what can be done to make cross-gender communication more effective.

  • Drug use in sports.
  • Choose a kind of sports whose participants are often caught using illegal drugs. Analyze the causes of this situation and the effectiveness of measures that are taken to fix it. Summarize how the use of these drugs has changed this sport as a whole, the effects on both players and spectators.

  • Multicultural identity.
  • People are often required to report their ethnical identity when filling various forms, but for some individuals it is especially difficult as they have mixed backgrounds. Analyze whether the concept of a single racial identity in our society is obsolete or not.

  • What it takes to be a…
  • Pick any profession in which you have a strong interest (a football player, a rock singer, a stock market analyst, or a surgeon), and determine what qualities one should possess to become successful in this kind of occupation. Such essays are relatively rare; despite their outward simplicity, they require a good knowledge of both human psychology and your selected professional field. The better insight into your chosen occupation you offer, the greater the chance that your essay will stand out and win a high grade.

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