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The Top 50 College Essay Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

When it comes to college essays, most professors have seen every topic before. If students really want to impress their teacher, they must use an entirely unique essay idea. The following 50 essay topics are intended to give students ideas for essays that are unique. These ideas can be modified or adjusted to suit the class or essay requirements.

  1. Placing a junk food tax
  2. The rising cost of college tuition
  3. Making tobacco illegal
  4. Are drinking problems an issue on college campuses?
  5. Benefits and drawbacks of study abroad programs
  6. Allowing pets to come to school
  7. Increase in American obesity rates
  8. The importance of privacy as a human right
  9. Usage and drawbacks of using technology in kindergarten classes
  10. Whether studying a foreign language should be mandatory or not
  11. Techniques for dealing with non-payment of child support
  12. The rise in surrogacy outsourcing to third-world countries
  13. Techniques for dealing with lead in Chinese made toys
  14. Lowering water consumption through waterless landscaping
  15. The ethics involved with keeping animals in zoos
  16. Should one parent be required to be a stay at home parent?
  17. Benefits of increasing or decreasing the school year
  18. Ways to make global fishing laws stronger and more stringent
  19. Negatives caused by the reduction of physical education classes in schools
  20. Should the work week be made longer or shorter?
  21. Best techniques for quitting smoking
  22. The drawbacks of genetic engineering
  23. Should creationism be taught in schools?
  24. How are habits created? How can bad habits be broken?
  25. Causes of discrimination
  26. Successful people who did not go to college
  27. Benefits of sending deaf students to a deaf school instead of a public school
  28. Qualities of a good boss
  29. Benefits of online versus traditional learning
  30. Success rates of rehabilitation programs in treating drug addiction
  31. Effects of affirmative action laws
  32. How the brain reacts to a break up
  33. Use of social media in business marketing
  34. Who is at the highest risk of a drug addiction?
  35. Techniques for protecting the environment
  36. Traditional remedies versus Western medicine
  37. Divorce and the family
  38. Cause of illiteracy in first-world countries
  39. Ways to treat depression
  40. Factors that increase high school drop out rates
  41. Effects of child neglect
  42. How a volcanic eruption works
  43. Benefits of bilingual education
  44. Should freshmen be required to live on campus?
  45. Benefits of a gap year
  46. Solar energy versus wind turbines
  47. Economics and the concept of unintended consequences
  48. Should there be a third party in politics?
  49. Causes of World War I

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