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Creating A Strong Literary Essay On Merchant Of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s better-known plays. It is one of his more comedic pieces but is often known as a problem comedy. To create a strong literary essay on one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces, the following tips must be adhered to.

Guidelines for creating a strong essay on the Merchant of Venice:

  1. Keep the type of essay in mind - The most important thing in writing any literary essay is keeping in mind what type of paper you are writing. This is important because it determines the format of the paper. A comparative paper would have a different structure than a research paper on the Merchant of Venice. The type of essay also helps to determine the tone of the paper, whether it can be conversational or if it has to be strictly formal.

  2. Always give background information - In creating a strong literary essay, you have to assume that the reader has limited knowledge of the subject area. As such, you must give sufficient background information on the topic you are writing on. In this case, as you are dealing with Merchant of Venice, you need to delve into what the play is about and if applicable give some background information on main characters such as Shylock and Antonio.

  3. Content is Key - It is important to have enough content to write about. When you make points ensure that you have information to support these points. This information would obviously be taken from the play itself. Make sure you have enough to write on. If, for instance, you are writing on the themes of the Merchant of Venice, you would need to know each theme and explain where this theme appears in the play.

  4. Ensure that you translate the play properly - It is well known that Shakespearean plays are written in Old English. You must ensure that you can understand what is being written in order to present it to your intended audience. If you end up not understanding what a certain part is saying, you may miss a key piece of information on the play. It would be a good idea to have a written version of the play that also has the current English version in the text. It would minimize the risk of not getting the meaning that Shakespeare intended.

By using these simple guidelines, you will be able to write a strong paper on the Merchant of Venice. Happy writing!

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