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Inventing A Solid Essay Title On Jane Eyre: Advice From Experts

If you have to write an essay on Jane Eyre, there are many aspects of the book that you could look at. So how do you come up with an interesting topic and title? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Make lists and notes.
  • Make a list of what aspects interest you the most. Then explore each idea further and make further lists and notes. You should select something that you feel strongly or emotive about, but you also need to make sure that there’s plenty of source material for you to use. So before fully deciding, do some research to see what critics’ opinions have to say about your chosen aspect, and see if there’s enough material to back up your points.

  • Be original.
  • You should also be as original as possible. This may be very challenging, as there will already be a huge number of things written about Jane Eyre. So can you really come up with a unique topic? Well it’s not necessarily about coming up with a unique topic, it’s more about looking at things from a fresh perspective.

  • Find essay examples to study.
  • Find examples of other essays on Jane Eyre. See what they have chosen for their title topics and which ones were successful. Study them to see how the subject has been handled and make plenty of notes as you do so.

    You will be able to find some examples online – but make sure that you are reading reliable papers. You can also look in your campus library where you will be able to find an abundance of past student papers.

  • Discuss ideas with your friends.
  • Discuss your topic ideas with your fellow class friends. Sometimes it helps to bounce ideas off people, and your friends may have some good advice for you.

  • Discuss things with your teacher.
  • The best person to discuss your topic with is your teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance. They will be only too pleased to help.

  • Creating a good title.
  • Once you have decided on your specific Jane Eyre topic, you need to turn it into a title. Think carefully about this. You need to choose a title that concisely states the nature of your subject and which is also more eye-catching than the average essay title.

When you look through lists of topics, note down how the titles have been phrased and which ones you think work well.

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