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A Few Tricks To Help You Excel In Academic Essay Editing

Essay writing a is a basic survival skill in the academic world. Knowing how to properly formulate an engaging introduction, that includes a unique thesis statement is an important first step in the essay writing process. Making sure that you back up your introduction with solid supporting evidence is critical. Finish your paper with a clear and convincing paragraph that wraps up your paper, and you are virtually guaranteed a good grade.

But not completely guaranteed a good grade! An academic essay is not ready to be submitted until it has been carefully edited, checked, and double-checked for spelling and punctuation errors. We have pulled a few tricks out of our thinking cap to help you excel in academic essay editing. Here you go:

  • Always Edit With Fresh Eyes Not Tired Ones!
  • It is virtually useless to try and effectively edit an academic paper when you are tired and cannot focus. You'll make things even worse if you attempt to edit an essay that you have spent all night working on. Always leave enough time to get at least one good night's sleep before you start to do a final edit on an essay assignment.

    In a worst case scenario, one where this is absolutely impossible, take five minutes to have a cup of tea, take a walk or a hot bath. Take a deep breath, relax and then do your edit. Using a piece of paper to cover the text as you move down the page and check your writing, may help you focus better on each word as you read.

  • Read Your Paper Out Loud
  • It is often easier to hear mistakes, than it is to read them. This is especially true when it comes to getting rid of run-on sentences, and sentence fragments. It is also a great idea to have friend or classmate read your work back to you. If there are problems with the flow of your writing, or correct word usage, you will stand a much better chance of catching them if you hear them.

  • Double-Check The Names Of People, Places, And Anything Foreign
  • Grammar and spell-check programs can save us time checking for errors in our essay assignments. But they are not fool proof. Take particular care to make sure you have spelled people's names correctly, and also the names of foreign places. Some spell-check software will constantly try to change technical names, medical terminology, and so on. Watch out for changes your spell check program may make without you knowing!

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