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How to Write My Essay Successfully: a Manual for Beginners

Students are often asked to write essays. Sooner or later, they become so perfectly versed in these types of academic writings that it doesn’t take much time to accomplish such tasks. However, it is not that simple if this is your first essay. You keep beating around the bush and don’t even know what to start with. To make this task more manageable, take the following steps:

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Sometimes, you are provided with a topic for your essay, which makes your life easier because you just have to decide what kind of writing you are to produce. Will it be some general information? Or, should you develop a narrow analysis of something?

    If the topic is not given, pick a subject that is interesting to you. It will be easier to investigate this issue and to persuade if needed.

  3. Make an outline.
  4. Take a sheet of paper and write down all the ideas that are relevant to your topic. Look for proper background information that will be used to develop these ideas. Some facts and examples may prove to be useful.

  5. Come up with your thesis statement.
  6. This is a claim that will be supported in the body of your essay. Generally, the thesis statement may be divided into two parts: the first one representing your topic, and the second one stating the point of your essay.

  7. Write the body paragraphs.
  8. Each body paragraph should contain one main idea and some supporting information that will back this idea up. All the body paragraphs should prove your thesis statement.

  9. Create the introduction.
  10. The introduction should catch the reader’s attention and reveal the goal of your essay. Use some hook at the beginning to intrigue your reader. This may be an anecdote, a quotation, a story, or a dialogue. It should logically lead the reader towards your thesis statement.

  11. Write the conclusion.
  12. The conclusion should provide the feeling of completeness to the whole story. In this part of your essay, briefly summarize all the main ideas and reword your thesis.

  13. Polish your essay.
  14. Read your essay carefully and make the necessary changes. Check if the paragraphs are placed in a proper order. Remember that the strongest ideas should be included in the first and last body paragraphs. Pay attention to the format of your essay. Is it coherent? Are your ideas represented smoothly? Delete unnecessary words and add some linking words if necessary. Proofread your essay for grammar mistakes and poor spelling.

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