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A List Of Winning Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

Are you tired of using the same old topics for your college essays? Do you have a narrative essay assignment pending but do not know where to start? Do you want to come up with a winning topic for your essay that will sweep your teacher of her feet? Do you want to make a strong impression with a unique topic no one could think of? Does every topic you choose sound over dragged? Do you think narrative essays are difficult to compose? Do you want to select an amazing topic for your essay but do not know how to start? Do you want to have a list of winning topics for your narrative essays? Do you think it will be easier if you had a few examples for your narrative essay?

Here is a list of narrative topics you can use for your essay in college

List of topics for narrative essays

  1. What was my first dream as a teenager
  2. How did I overcome my breakup
  3. Who was the first person that inspired me in my life
  4. Who would I exchange roles with if I were allowed for a day
  5. What did I feel when I reached high school
  6. How many times I have felt suicidal in my life
  7. How do I want to get married
  8. How many times have I cried with happiness
  9. My approach towards drugs and their use
  10. How I became drug free in my teens
  11. How do I cater my pets
  12. How I helped my parents through a financial crisis
  13. What was my first day on a part time job like
  14. How did I win a certain medal/prize/competition/race etc.
  15. The world in my opinion

If you look at these topics, you will find that they talk about numerous random parts of life. You do not have to stick to a certain filed or subject when you write a narrative essay. A narrative can be anything that you experience and want to talk about in your paper.

The only important thing about a narrative essay is that it needs to be in first person. You have to guide your readers through the essay. It is also very important that you allow some insight to your readers and add some personification in your essay.

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