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Top 20 Personal Cause And Effect Essay Topics For High School Students

Getting a good grade on a high school essay requires more than just good writing. For the top scores, students need to think of a good topic for their cause and effect essay. This type of writing generally focuses on either the cause or the effect of a specific action. In some classes, the teacher may even have the student write about cause and effect. Before choosing a topic, students should consider the type of subject that their teacher will accept. They should also make sure that there will be enough research materials available to adequately cover the the topic. To get some ideas for writing, students can read through the following 20 cause and effect essay topics.

Essay Topics

  1. How has a specific teacher, mentor or friend had an effect on your life?
  2. What are some of the effects of poverty on individual people?
  3. What is the personal impact of peer pressure? How does it effect day-to-day life?
  4. What causes some people to have a pet?
  5. What is the effect of technology on the modern student? How has had access to a personal computer or laptop changed the way students do their schoolwork?
  6. How does racial or religious discrimination impact the lives of the individuals affected?
  7. What causes some students to bully? Is there a difference between cyber bullying and “normal” bullying?
  8. What causes some people to say that it is not worth their time to vote?
  9. What causes some students to cheat in their classes?
  10. What causes someone to download videos illegally? What effect does this have on the media and music industry?
  11. What has caused more people to begin shopping online?
  12. What is the effect of light pollution on students who live and study in big cities?
  13. What are some of the effects of not sticking to a personal budget? Does this impact non-financial parts of
  14. the family's life?
  15. What causes some people to exercise? What effect does it have on their life?
  16. Many students feel pressure to get good grades. What effect does this have on them psychologically, scholastically and emotionally?
  17. What causes television reality shows to be so popular?
  18. Consider one of your favorite books or movies. What impact has this film or novel had on your daily life? Has it has a lasting impact?
  19. What is the effect of moving to a new town on a high school student? Does this positively or negatively impact their social life?
  20. What causes mathematics to be so difficult for many students?

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