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How To Come Up With Good Five Paragraph Essay Topics For Middle School

Writing can be a challenge for any young student. The middle school years are especially hard because of the physical growth and hormonal changes that occur. It can also be difficult because the knowledge of the student can be rather limited. Five paragraph essays may not seem like an awful lot to an adult, but they can be an enormous challenge to young person. Some care has to be taken in selecting topics.

Define a Narrow Topic

That doesn’t mean that the paper cannot be a challenge. The topic chosen should not be broad but a little more closely defined. For example, a student shouldn’t just write about cooking, but perhaps about certain ethnic cuisine like Arabic cooking. This allows the young person to be a little bit more specific and demonstrate more than just general knowledge. A good overall idea would be to have a compare and contrast topic. This allows a chance for the learner to show an ability to note the difference between two concepts that on the surface look nearly identical.

Another Type of Essay to Consider

Another possibility for middle school would be to assign a persuasive essay. This allows the student to discuss an issue that can be debated and the student is asked to provide a personal opinion. The challenge here is to have a student be able to present an argument and back it up with supporting evidence. It is an assignment where an individual’s perception is important. There are any number of essay topics that are age sensitive. A student in the middle school years can be assigned a persuasive topic with the expectation that five paragraphs can be delivered.

It is essential to assign a topic that the child has a chance to successfully address. Complicated subject matter is over the head of a child of middle school age. Nevertheless, no favors are done if the paper topic is too simple or flat out boring. A five paragraph essay is not above the capabilities of an ordinary young person. An interesting topic, within the knowledge ability of the student, has the potential to be an incredible learning experience.

Remember Structure

The essay assignment has to be well structured. The student must be able to understand what is expected from the effort. It isn’t difficult to come up with essay topics as long as they are not too difficult. A compare and contrast, persuasive, or descriptive topic can be used. Guiding the student by indicating a broad subject matter can help. The student however must narrow down the topic so that it is more specific.

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