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List Of 10 Potential Topics For Your Next Illustration Essay

Illustrations essays are a core part of our modern day communication and with good reason, examples can provide information in a more efficient format than personal explanations can, especially for highly complex topics. This makes this type of paper vital when attempting to investigate or prove a theory, especially in research.

Before writing any paper, one must have a topic, of course and this can be trickier than most people think. It is not uncommon for students to select a topic that seems suitable at first glance, only to encounter problems halfway through their task. The following is a list of 10 potential topics for your next illustration essay.

  1. The moon was placed in orbit around the earth by a more advanced alien species.
  2. Many people believe this to be true and they must have some sort of reason for their beliefs.

  3. Religion and science can one day come to terms with each other
  4. This may be a tad bit controversial, or even outright ridiculous to some, however, as we become more mature as a species, we learn better ways of coping with our differences.

  5. Man is an animal and he does not try to hide it
  6. Design a story showing the primitive tendencies of modern man, by removing the disguise of modern technology.

  7. We are the reason for all our pain and suffering
  8. Show the actions that are taken by humans on a daily basis and explain how they are responsible for many things that we consider to be wrong with the world.

  9. The best way to please your significant other
  10. Devise a situation where two persons are able to completely fulfill the needs of each other without spending a cent.

  11. My world is better than yours
  12. Show how people of different walks of life see their world differently. Compare these views and try to ascertain which group of people see the world closest to the way it really is.

  13. The best way to live
  14. Describe situations where person have managed to create a happy lifestyle by doing things differently

  15. The things that make me cry
  16. Compose a story showing all the things that you consider sad about the world.

  17. A cat’s life
  18. Show how a cat lives its life no different than people do.

  19. The best way to die
  20. Describe situations where a person died in such a manner, that you wouldn't mind going out like that yourself.

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