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How To Find A Great Persuasive Essay Topic About The Food Chain

A food chain is a linear sequence of food producers whereby one living organism acts as the source of food to the other. Generally, most people can write an essay topic about most topics related to the food chain but hardly do you find persuasive essays in the same topic. Therefore, for someone planning to write about a persuasive essay about the food chain, here is how to find great topics.

  • Study the food chain regularly
  • There are numerous things you can learn from the food chain. Actually, there are so many areas of the food chain that are yet to be covered exhaustively through writing. For instance, the issue of limits in the food chain is still debatable up to date, with many scholars arguing on whether the food has limitation in the number of trophic levels or not. Other than that, studying about this topic often could broaden your knowledge and imagination in the area, thereby helping you brainstorm on possible ideas to write about.

  • Read a lot of Biology books
  • The food chain is one of the biggest topics in biology, and hardly can you find a biology book that does not talk about this field. As a student or writer, acquire new insights and possible essay topics by reading a lot of books that either speaks about the food chain itself, or about topics that are closely related to the food chain; such as energy.

  • Write general topics about the food chain
  • You may not have a persuasive essay topic for now, but by simply reading and writing a lot of general information in the broader area of the food chain, you could easily get an idea which can be written in a persuasive angle. For instance, if you were to read and write severally about the division of heterotrophs in the food chain, it would be easy to come up with such a persuasive essay topic as “Why our ecosystem cannot exist without decomposers” for instance.

  • Check out the following essay topics.
    • Why an ecosystem can exist without consumers but not decomposers
    • How plants convert energy from the sun into a source of food
    • Why the food is linear in nature and not branched
    • Why producers are located at the first trophic level
    • Why the base of a numeric pyramid may be larger than other levels

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