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A Quick Formula For Writing A Great Essay Outline On Urbanization

Before you get down to writing an essay on urbanization, it’s important you spend some time creating an outline with all of your discussion points. This is an extremely important step to all writing projects and is one that can vastly improve your work and make it easier for you to write your assignment. Here are the five elements of writing a great essay outline on urbanization:

  1. Select a topic and determine the purpose of the essay
  2. Coming up with a good topic in urbanization is extremely important because it will maintain the reader’s interest and will make for a more enjoyable read. This being said, you should select something that is unique and interesting, as well as something you can handle without being completely overwhelmed. Determine the purpose of the assignment and go from there. You should be able to develop a few good ideas to start.

  3. Create a list of all your discussion points and evidence
  4. The next step is brainstorming and creating a list of all the things you would like to discuss. Depending on the length of your assignment you will only get to go over a few points, so make sure you select the best ones. Think about what supporting evidence or examples you have for each point and select the ones in which you can back up with academic and credible resources.

  5. Organize your discussion points so that they make sense
  6. Now take all of your notes and arranged them in a way that makes the most sense logically to yourself and the reader. Remember that there are effective and ineffective ways to communicate information. In the case of writing an essay on urbanization you might want to present things semi-chronologically, providing the information in the exact order the reader would need to understand your topic and argument.

  7. Develop your discussion points further with content
  8. Each discussion point should have at least two sub-points, one of which should be supporting evidence or examples from your research and the other which should be some original thought or idea you have to say about the information you are presenting. While these don’t have to be highly detailed they should be enough that you are easily able to identify what it is you are trying to say in your paper. If you find a particular argument week now is the best time to make revisions.

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