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Easy Essay Writing: Looking For Fresh Ideas on Your Topic

The good news is you have though of a great topic for your academic essay, the bad news is it has already been written on a million times before. Today, we are going to discuss some ways to set your own writing apart from the pack by finding some fresh ideas to write on. We will discuss a simple 3-part strategy to writing a unique academic paper on commonly assigned topics. These include:

  • Being very specific
  • Taking a unique perspective
  • Using obscure examples

By using these three elements you will be able to develop a very original paper that has never been written before.

  1. Be very specific
  2. Instead of just writing another on the same old commonly assigned topics consider writing about a very specific part of the topics. A good example would be WWII students are often asked to write historical essays on WWII. However, if you want to write a very original paper on WWII maybe write about a specific aspect, such as life inside of the concentration camp in Auschwitz.

  3. Take a very unique perspective
  4. Next, once you have selected a more specific concept to explore in your writing try to find a unique angle to take on the subject. For instance (still using the Auschwitz example) “What was life like for non-Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz” This type of essay would be original because it talks about something that is not that commonly written about.

  5. Use obscure examples
  6. Lastly, when choosing your topic use an obscure example to construct your body paragraphs that may not be that commonly known. For example is you are writing about non-Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz, you could write about the homosexual prisoners who were imprisoned because of their sexual preferences. This would be a unique way to write about a common subject such as concentration camps in WWII but shed new light on a topic that can be related to modern day.

Writing a fresh paper may initially feel like a hard task, however if you follow these steps to identify a unique subject you’ll find it much easier. Try being very specific, finding a unique angle and then choosing examples that aren’t exactly predictable. This is best way to write a paper and will likely earn you a very high evaluation on your assignment when you hand it in.

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