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10 Great Literature Essay Prompts About Animal Farm By G. Orwell

Animal farm is a great book by G. Orwell and a good piece of literature to analyze and evaluate certain aspects. Your professor at the university or college will expect you to read the book and write about it so that they can judge your understanding of literature and perception about the writing style. You will not only analyze the work for its content but also focus on several different aspects that are to be kept in mind while working on a piece of literature.

The question most students ask is that what is the best topic to write about on such a subject or how will they choose an interesting topic for their assignment. If you are through the same situation and want to come up with a strong topic for your essay that will engage your audience, then you should consider the following ideas. These ideas will give you an idea of how to create a strong title on your own or how you can alter or edit these topic suggestions to form one for your essay

Topics worth considering while writing a literature essay about Animal Farm

  1. Which animal of all works the hardest and decides his motto as “I will work harder” what do you interpret from this
  2. Why is there a feeling of guilt for boxer who accidentally kills a stable boy and what do his other mates have to say about it
  3. What does the statement mean “the only good human being is a dead one” what does it refer to and what is the author trying to show through this statement
  4. How do the animals find out that Napoleon supports the project of windmill and what is their reaction to this
  5. Is there any difference in the lives and feelings of animals when they are living under Jones v/s when they are living under Napoleon? Were both of them same or different? In what way?
  6. Does the old major use rhetorical patterns and strategies to engage his listeners, explain it by examining his speech to the animals at the beginning
  7. What is the importance and role of minor characters in the novel to support to emphasize the major theme
  8. Do you feel that the novel has a humorous touch? Is it sarcasm or black comedy or humor? Do you find it funny?
  9. What is the role of human characters in the overall theme and issues presented in the novel
  10. What economic or political system Orwell is trying to suggest through his work

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