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The Top 10 Best Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

As we know it, science is improving our lives everyday. Students who are currently studying at university (especially those doing a medical degree) should understand that and be willing to be innovative, taking risks and developing new researches.

However, it has to start from your degree and you can work from there. Obviously you are going to need to write a convincing essay to achieve that. Below is a list of the top 10 medical argumentative essay topics that you might be interest in

  • #1 - Teens and HPV Vaccine
  • This has always been a controversial topic and yet it stimulates all sorts of arguments. Some of the points you should consider are whether it is essential for teens to be vaccinated or whether it is ethical.

  • #2 - Stress and its relation to general wellbeing
  • Nowadays, people are usually stress out because of work or other pressure. It is a valid topic and should be discussed extensively. Think about your personal experience and try and apply it here.

  • #3 - How does sport affect health?
  • Again, this issue has been discussed for years. There are some conclusions, but they are not exactly compelling at the moment. You should try and build up on it, look for examples and provide concrete evidence.

  • #4 – Is obesity caused by genes?
  • With a surplus of food nowadays, people are getting overweight. This topic is important to discuss because it concerns the wellbeing of everyone in the world and the discussion is still in its infancy.

  • #5 – Why is asthma getting more common?
  • If you look at statistics, you will likely see that there was a lower percentage of people who suffered from asthma three decades ago compared to today. Critique that and develop your argument.

  • #6 – Does multi-vitamin supplements work?
  • People have been trying to find out whether it is worth the time and money to invest in multi-vitamin supplements. It is certainly worth a bit of research.

  • #7 – Fish oil and its effects
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 are some of the most common fish oil available to as supplements. Discuss what their effects are and what it could potentially do.

  • #8 – The importance of sleep
  • We need sleep and that ‘recharges’ our body. But why do we need it? Scientists are still trying to find out; perhaps you could be a part of the team?

  • #9 – Stem cells
  • This topic is discussed extensively. What are the uses of stem cells and is it actually working? It is genuinely a topic worth exploring.

  • #10 – Should we conduct human trials?
  • Perhaps this is the most controversial topic. Is it ethical to conduct human clinical trials? If we don’t, how are we going to develop new technology and medicines to benefit the future generations?

This is just a quick guide and hopefully it inspires you to write essays on these topics!

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