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A List Of Problems And Solutions Essay Topics To Choose From

Problems and solution essay writing involves exploring a problem and suggesting a solution that shows how well you examined the issue. You can choose a topic based on personal interests or something you would like to learn more about. The idea is to consider a problem that has a realistic solution with solid supporting evidence and logic.

What to Consider When Selecting a Good Essay Topic

Problems and solution assignments seem simple and straight forward. You want a topic that will help you write in the same manner. You can think about problems you’ve experienced in the past and consider them for your assignment. It may be helpful to choose a problem and solution topic you have been through before or know someone who has been in the situation. The idea is to develop a concept that is feasible for the problem. The solution is something that could happen or seems like the best way to solve the issue.

The solution is likely most of the content the essay is made from. You will have supporting evidence that clearly states how the problem will be solved. Your details will show how well you assessed the problem and why the solution you came up with is best. Your idea is something you are willing to research and think about thoroughly.

10 Sample Topic Ideas for Problem and Solution Essay Papers

Here are 10 ideas to help you develop your own concept to write about for a problem and solution essay paper.

  1. Preventing bullying on social media: can it be done?
  2. Helping someone you know who is depressed.
  3. Helping a friend making poor choices in their life.
  4. How to get teens to be safe drivers. What ways can teens be encouraged to practice safe driving measures.
  5. Reducing high school dropout rates.
  6. Can divorce be prevented? A problem and solution essay can explore possible actions to prevent ending a marriage.
  7. How to effectively help someone with substance abuse.
  8. Make online shopping safer. A problem and solution essay can provide deep insight on how people can shop online with better security measures in place.
  9. Reducing risk of identity theft. What can people do to keep important elements of their identity protected?
  10. Helping people find work they will enjoy.

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