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10 Brand New Opinion Essay Topics For High School Students

The day man began to think, he started to form opinions. It is difficult for you not to form opinions when you meet a person or witness an event. You presumably have myriad of discussions every day where thoughts get generated and discussed, and thus controversial issues come up. At this point, it is required to form a solid opinion on these topics.

The very first step is to select the subject on which you are going to provide your views. It can be anything from the weather to the type of flowers to buy. You can also hear the opinion of others and that could form an invaluable input to aid forming your own opinion. Experts suggest that the best way to make an opinion is arguing with yourself. It helps you to look at all angles of the subject under question- pros as well as cons. Write them all cogently and summarize them in your concluding paragraph. This type of presentation will make for a neat essay on opinion-formation.

Before forming an opinion, you should thoroughly go through the subject. You can refer to select books or Google the internet. If the issue is complicated, you may have to research on the Internet. But try to form an opinion only after you have understood all aspects of this hypothetical argument; your belief must not be born of your conviction after you have thoroughly analyzed the merits and demerits of the issue.

When talking to other people, try to listen to their views on the issue, and then analyze why they think so. For instance, if you would like to give your view about selecting a school football team from among many aspirants, then don't ask only one player for an opinion. Your opinion should be unbiased and free from external influences.

Talk about the subject with your family, friends and classmates. They often share views about myriad of social/local issues, and they may as well explain how they arrived at those opinions, if they made an opinion on those.

You can usually have an informed opinion only if you are thoroughly aware of the issue.

Here are ten controversial issues about which you can form a well-researched opinion.

  • Political leanings
  • Career opportunities
  • University education
  • Sportsmen
  • Social media
  • Television channels
  • Picnic spots
  • Holiday destinations
  • Newspaper editorials
  • Platonic friendship

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