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Top 20 Most Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For Middle School

Narrative essays require you to explain in your own written voice, what happens in an articular story. You will have the option to be as clear or vague as you desire as long as you hold the reader’s attention. This is no easy feat however. Students have been composing pieces of this nature from time immemorial and for yours to stand out, you need to be exceptionally good at topic selection. Consider the following:

  • How frequently you have seen similar essays in the past
  • If the topic you wish to write on has been covered extensively by other students before you, it may be good time to go back to the drawing board. Even a great concept loses its flavor if repeated too often. If you really love it, try putting a different spin on it that adds a new dimension.

  • The people most likely to read your piece
  • Everyone that produces work that will eventually be judged by others should keep in mind the needs and wants of their potential audience. If they like a certain style or theme, including this will increase your chances of being received well.

  • The likely response to controversy
  • If you have the freedom to sprinkle a little controversy into your writing, this can certainly spice things up. If you lack that freedom, avoid such topics at all costs. You need to be careful with this and it helps to err on the side of caution.

Try any of these:

  1. Falling in love with a teen heartthrob
  2. Switching town in the middle of the school year
  3. The summer I spent in a full body cast
  4. Finding buried treasure under the football field
  5. Uncovering the plot by extra terrestrials to take over the planet
  6. My week without simple carbohydrates
  7. Losing my first pet
  8. The first week of violin practice
  9. Learning to live with type two diabetes
  10. Making art with recycled materials
  11. Learning to ride a bicycle as a teenager
  12. Losing the hearing in one of my ears
  13. The day I stumbled on the next big thing in social media
  14. Going viral by accident
  15. Meeting my new puppy
  16. Learning Greek by force
  17. How I wrote my first novel
  18. Building a house with my own two hands
  19. Trusting my coach and winning the title
  20. Learning to regret ‘Take your kid to work’ day

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