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Crafting A Winning Introduction To An Informative Essay

In informative paper aims to do exactly how it sounds; it aims to inform your reader about a topic of your choice. It should be on a topic that you know rather extensively because you will try to express your expertise in the subject. If it instructs your reader how to do something, they should be able to perform that function with just your paper as a resource. If it is on an additional topic and the idea is that they understand the topic when they read the paper. For example, you can write about how to defrost a freezer.

When you are developing your paper, one of the most important parts of the paper is the introduction. The main reason why it is so important is that it explains the information about the topic that you will need to understand the rest of the paper. It also has to grab the attention of your audience to the point where they want to read the rest of the article. Here are the best ways to create a winning introduction to an informative essay.

  • Start with a sentence that catches the attention of your reader. It can be an interesting fact that you learned during your research. It should be something that makes the reader want to continue reading.

  • You can even use a question to reel them in. If they have asked themselves that question before, it is a great way to make them want to read the paper. It also makes them think about the topic even if they didn’t have the question in their mind, they are thinking about it now.

  • It should include any background information that may be needed to understand the topic. You should write the introduction as if your reader has no prior knowledge on the subject. It should offer the reader a complete picture so that they can really understand what the paper is about. Since the entire paper is designed to explain the topic in its entirety, there should be a focus on the general information. You will use the body of the paper to make the most in depth observations known.

The introduction has two purposes. The first purpose is to draw the reader in and make them want to read the paper. The second purpose is to give an overall idea of the topic. Your paper may only talk about one main aspect so the introduction has to set the stage for the understanding of the rest.

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